Generating Update Summaries for DUC 2007


Update summaries as defined for the new DUC 2007 task deliver focused information to a user who has already read a set of older documents covering the same topic. In this paper, we show how to generate this kind of summary from the same data structure—fuzzy coreference cluster graphs—as all other generic and focused multi-document summaries. Our system ERSS 2007 implementing this algorithm also participated in the DUC 2007 main task, without any changes from the 2006 version.

An Initial Fuzzy Coreference Cluster Graph


René Witte, Ralf Krestel, and Sabine Bergler. Generating Update Summaries for DUC 2007. In: Document Understanding Conference (DUC) Workshop at NAACL-HLT 2007, April 26-27, 2007, Rochester, NY, USA.

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