Fuzzy Clustering for Topic Analysis and Summarization of Document Collections

Montreal 2007


Large document collections, such as those delivered by Internet search engines, are difficult and time-consuming for users to read and analyse. The detection of common and distinctive topics within a document set, together with the generation of multi-document summaries, can greatly ease the burden of information management. We show how this can be achieved with a clustering algorithm based on fuzzy set theory, which (i) is easy to implement and integrate into a personal information system, (ii) generates a highly flexible data structure for topic analysis and summarization, and (iii) also delivers excellent performance.


René Witte and Sabine Bergler. Fuzzy Clustering for Topic Analysis and Summarization of Document Collections. Advances in Artificial Intelligence, Proceedings of the 20th Conference of the Canadian Society for Computational Studies of Intelligence (Canadian AI 2007), May 28-30, 2007, Montréal, Québec, Canada. Springer LNAI 4509, pp.476-488.

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Our paper received the best paper award at Canadian AI 2007, which had an acceptance rate of 17.7%.


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