Predicate-Argument EXtractor (PAX)


Screenshot of MultiPAX resultsScreenshot of MultiPAX resultsIn this paper, we describe the open source GATE component PAX for extracting predicate-argument structures (PASs). PASs are used in various contexts to represent relations within a sentence structure. Different ``semantic'' parsers extract relational information from sentences but there exists no common format to store this information. Our predicate-argument extractor component (PAX) takes the annotations generated by selected parsers and transforms the parsers' results to predicate-argument structures represented as triples (subject-verb-object). This allows downstream components in an analysis pipeline to process PAS triples independent of the deployed parser, as well as combine the results from several parsers within a single pipeline.


Ralf Krestel, René Witte, and Sabine Bergler. Predicate-Argument EXtractor (PAX). New Challenges for NLP Frameworks, Workshop at LREC 2010, pp.51–54, May 22, 2010, Valletta, Malta.

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The GATE component described in this paper is available as open source software.


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