Proceedings of the Workshop New Challenges for NLP Frameworks (NLPFrameworks 2010)


Natural language processing frameworks like GATE and UIMA have significantly changed the way NLP applications are designed, developed, and deployed. Features such as component-based design, test-driven development, and resource meta-descriptions now routinely provide higher robustness, better reusability, faster deployment, and improved scalability. They have become the staple of both NLP research and industrial application, fostering a new generation of NLP users and developers.

These are the proceedings of the workshop New Challenges for NLP Frameworks (NLPFrameworks 2010), held in conjunction with LREC 2010, which brought together users and developers of major NLP frameworks.


René Witte, Hamish Cunningham, Jon Patrick, Elena Beisswanger, Ekaterina Buyko, Udo Hahn, Karin Verspoor, and Anni R. Coden (Editors). Proceedings of the Workshop New Challenges for NLP Frameworks (NLPFrameworks 2010), May 22, 2010, Valletta, Malta. ELRA.

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