Workshop on Traceability at CASCON 2007

Together with Juergen Rilling from Concordia University and Philippe Charland from the DRDC Canada I'm organizing a workshop at CASCON 2007: Traceability in Software Engineering—Past, Present and Future. It's on October 25 at the Sheraton Parkway Toronto North Hotel and Convention Centre, Ontario, Canada. Besides a number of talks, an important part of the workshop will be panel and group discussions on selected topics on traceability. Possible topics for discussion include:
  • Competitive evaluation of automatic traceability recovery: tasks and metrics
  • Challenges in software traceability
  • Integration of traceability in software processes
Participants are encouraged to submit their own topics for discussion; either during the workshop itself, or by email to Juergen Rilling (see the workshop's web page for details). The discussion topic I plan to introduce is the evaluation of traceability: how can we move towards a common set of data, tasks, and metrics that can be used to compare different approaches for automatic traceability link validation and recovery, within a system competition, as it is commonly done in other research fields (e.g., the competitions in NLP, IE, and IR)? As for all CASCON workshops, registration is free!